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Auto InsuranceDo you have a pet that loves to go for a ride in the car? Many dogs do. And most trips are simple and easy. Yet, an accident can occur at any time. When that happens, it becomes very important for you to have proper auto insurance in place. Your insurance may cover your vehicle damage or the damage you cause to another driver. Will it help with your pet’s needs, too? That depends on the details of your policy. Here is some insight. 

Most Policies Offer Limited Protection

Sometimes, your dog or cat in the car has no real protection under your car insurance plan. That is, the policy does not outright cover injuries to your pet. It may not cover the loss of your pet either. No matter who is at fault, the pet might have no coverage under your policy.

However, this is not a universal rule. Many insurance companies do cover pet losses under what is called pet liability coverage. So, talk to your insurance agent about whether your policy will address your pet.

If the other driver is responsible for the wreck, it may be possible to file a claim for the pet’s losses with that driver’s liability insurance. In doing so, you could file a claim of the pet as part of this person’s property damage liability coverage. This may help you in situations of losing the pet. However, coverage there has limitations.

Purchase a Special Policy

In some cases, you may wish to purchase a special pet liability policy for your car insurance. Some insurers offer special coverage for pets. This can be a valuable investment. If your pet remains in your car often or is a service animal, it can be very valuable to purchase this type of special coverage. This type of policy may provide coverage no matter who is at fault in the car accident.

Keep in mind you need to purchase this as a special policy rider. If your pet is in the car with you often, it may be worthwhile. It is also important to consider just how affordable this type of insurance is. Typically, it will only add a small amount onto your premium, if anything at all. Yet, for those who rely on their pet or want to ensure their pet has help available if an accident occurs, it is well worth it.

Also, some home insurance policies may cover your pet if he or she suffers an injury in a car accident. Or, you might be able to buy a medical insurance policy for your pet, which can also cover some of their medical costs. Give your agent a call to inquire about your coverage options.

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